How to Become a Member?

Become a Trevi Partner in 5 steps

Before a Trevi Partner joins our network, we analyze together the most optimal way to start our partnership, which consists of 5 different steps:

Step 1 Appointment in order to present the network

During the discussion, you start with the presentation of your business career, and then we present the functioning of your future network. Afterwards, we will screen your project together (location area, financing, etc.).

Step 2 Send out the standard contract and a questions-answers session about the contract

After reading the contract, we plan a second meeting together, in order to screen your questions in the legal, commercial and financial fields.

Step 3 Meeting with an existing Trevi Partner in an independent agency

We suggest you visit one of our partners and have a one-to-one about the everyday business of a Trevi Partner, in order to learn about the added value of our network.

Step 4 Signing the contract and starting up the project

After signing our contract, we will support you throughout the different stages of creation or transformation of your business (location search, planning and layout of your premises, creation of the logo and the stationery, etc.).

Step 5 Opening the agency

We will implement together all the arrangements needed in order to make the opening of your new agency a success and a good start towards prosperity.